What Is A Plea Bargain?

In almost every criminal case, the prosecution will come to the defendant with some form of plea offer. These proposals to resolve your case often entail a defendant pleading guilty to the charged or lesser offense, dropping other charges, or doling out lighter consequences in order to get the conviction. If the defendant accepts this plea offer, he or she will waive the right to a trial and must pay the consequences laid out in the deal.

It is very important to weigh the pros of what the prosecutor is offering you, and what your risks are by not taking an offer--but losing at trial. This is a significant phase of my representation of you, because it requires a complete analysis of every aspect of your case. No matter what is being brought forward, you need an attorney to help you understand what the plea offer entails - and if it is in your best interest to take it.

Is It In Your Best Interest To Accept A Plea Offer?

Lowry Law Office in Albany, Oregon, is committed to helping a person accused of a crime through the subsequent legal process, including plea bargaining. Attorney Michael Lowry has the expertise and negotiation skills your case needs to have the best chance for success.

Mr. Lowry will look through the deal thoroughly and meticulously to judge its merits. Plea offers can be negotiated, so it is important that your lawyer advocates for you at every step. He will help you understand all your options and give candid advice concerning the outcomes of your case.

The only alternative to a plea agreement is trial. As a criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Lowry is a skilled negotiator and litigator. We are not afraid to reject a deal if it is not in your best interest or if we feel the prosecutions case is weak enough for us to obtain a not-guilty verdict. However, you must weigh all of your options. A guilty verdict is always possible at trial, and the consequences handed down by a judge will be final and often harsher than what is agreed to in a plea deal.

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While plea bargains can seem like the best outcome for your case, a way out, it is important you have a lawyer on your side to help you determine that. The prosecution is always seeking a conviction, and you need an advocate and a professional to make sure you are not being taken advantage of. In the best circumstances, you should call an attorney from the moment you are arrested.

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